The Finnish forest owners are committed to the sustainable management and harvesting of forests. Kieppi Sawmill Oy follows up the following Environmental Policy in its processes (pdf).


PEFC certification

The chain of custody of the wood used by Kieppi Sawmill is certified (Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy's certificate no: 10026-01), and the sawmill has earned the right to use PEFC label. Kieppi Sawmill's registration number is PEFC-02-31-263.

Kieppi Sawmill's certificate (pdf)

EU Timber regulation

Kieppi Sawmill Oy follows EU's Timber regulation (EUTR 995/2010), which aims to prevent illegal loggings and trade of illegal harvested timber.



ISPM 15-standard

The ISPM 15 standard requires that wooden packaging material is manufactured from debarked wood and the timber used is heat treated and marked according to the standard requirements.
ISPM 15 -standard is issued by FAO; Food and Agriculture of the United Nations. Kieppi Sawmill Oy has been granted the right of using the marking according to ISPM 15 -standard on wooden packing material. Kieppi Sawmill's identification number is FI-8951.

Kieppi Sawmill ISPM 15 -standard (pdf)