Kieppi Sawmill

The annual production of Kieppi Sawmill Oy is about 70 000 m3 Redwood. Over 80 % of the production goes to the exports for joinery, indoor wood products and outdoor construction purposes. The biggest market areas are in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Far East. The main domestic customers are log house producers, thermo wood producers and packaging industry.






Nearly a hundred years sawmilling at Kieppi

Kieppi Sawmill has long traditions, as on the same site has been a sawmill since 1920–1930’s. Nowadays it is known as Kieppi Sawmill Oy.


Photographs from early days of the sawmill

Kiepin Saha Oy at midsummer 1964. Photo: A. Mertamo.

Logs were transported to the sawmill by rafting them abt. 30 km through lakes.
Photo: A. Mertamo

Kiepin Saha at 1955, raftsmen having a break.

”The Flying Ford”.
Photo: A.Mertamo